Related research


The following scientific work has been carried out with data from the AQUILA a-LIFE project and the previous LIFE Bonelli project:

Universitat de les Illes Balears: Javier Reina (2017). Monitoring of the juvenile dispersal process of the Bonelli's eagle (Aquila fasciata) within the framework of the Life Bonelli project. Final Degree Project in Biology.


Universidad Complutense de Madrid: Miriam Conde (2018). Establishment and territory dynamics of the Bonelli's Eagle (Aquila fasciata) on the island of Mallorca. Master's Thesis in Zoology.
It made news:


Universitat de Barcelona: Jaume Adrià Badia-Boher, Antonio Hernández-Matías, Carlota Viada and Joan Real. Raptor reintroductions: cost-effective alternatives to captive breeding. Animal Conservation.


Papers under review or in press:

Universidad Complutense de Madrid: Miriam Conde, Beatriz Martínez Miranzo y José I. Aguirre. Early stages of territory settlement in a newly reintroduced top predator: Bonelli’s Eagle (Aquila fasciata) on Mallorca Island. Under review by Bird Conservation International.

Universitat de València: Olga Egea, Ernesto Álvarez, Giuseppe Cortone, Massimiliano di Vittorio, Manuel Galán, Juan José Iglesias-Lebrija, Mario Lo Valvo, Juan Martínez, Stefania Merlino, Carlota Viada y Pascual López-López. Assessing reintroduction outcome: comparison of the juvenile post-fledging dependence period between wild and reintroduced Bonelli’s eagles in two Mediterranean islands. Under review by Animal Conservation.

Study in progress:

Universidad Universidad Complutense de Madrid: Cristina Marín. Modelling the distribution of other raptors on the island as a function of the location and use of Bonelli's Eagle territories and other abiotic variables. Master's thesis in Zoology, directed by José I. Aguirre and Beatriz Martínez Miranzo. your social media marketing partner